Where it all started…

The story starts when a client of internationally renowned equine dental technician Warwick Behrns, suggested he use a chlorhexidine based product as a disinfectant for his equine dentistry tools.  The current product he was using either rusted his tools or left unsightly stains on everything.
Initially the product that Warwick and Dianna created was called ‘Scrub Up’ and it was used in Warwick’s practice and for the equine dentistry school that the husband and wife team successfully operated.  Graduating students used the product for their own equine dentistry tools and soon equine dental technicians around NZ were also using the product.

Farmassist was created…

A very good friend of Dianna’s, Suzanne was concerned about a skin condition on her daughters show pony.  Their pony was covered in scabs from head to toe and was in obvious discomfort from what they assumed was from either grazing in a new pasture or exposure to moisture in the mud.  Warwick gave Suzanne a bottle of Scrub Up and almost instantly after the first wash Suzanne could see the relief in the ponies disposition.
Days later the scabs were already working their way out of this hair and the skin was regenerating.   A few days after one more wash the pony’s skin was clearing and healing.  Suzanne felt a great sense of relief.  From that day on Suzanne was a total convert to the benefits of chlorhexidine and she became passionate about sharing the benefits of chlorhexidine with other animal owners.
Together Suzanne and Dianna developed the first Farmassist products for the equine environment.  The first product ‘Farmassist Equine Wash’ is a concentrate so a little goes a long way.  ‘Farmassist Equine Spray’ is used directly on horses and the two products compliment each other.

Dianna Behrns  and Suzanne Browne…

Both Dianna and Suzanne have been involved in the equestrian world since childhood.  Suzanne’s children rode competitively until 2020.  Dianna’s son is a competitive carriage driver both in NZ & Australia and her daughter rides competitively in the Wairarapa.  Together they have a very current and hands on perspective with animal carers’ needs.