What is the active ingredient in Farmassist products?


What is Chlorhexidine?

Although one of Chlorhexidine’s primary benefits is its tremendous ability to kill bacteria on contact, it has an additional benefit that is perhaps more important – a residual effect that prevents microbial regrowth after application. This gives Chlorhexidine a clear advantage over other products such as Triclosan, PCMX or alcohols. As a result, Chlorhexidine is one of the strongest, most effective anti-microbial products available. From its importance in surgical procedures…to its effectiveness in animal disinfection…to its role in treating gingivitis, Chlorhexidine is widely used in today’s marketplace.

How have Farmassist products been formulated?

All Farmassist products have been formulated by chemists specialising in the development of natural cosmetic lines.

Where are the Farmassist products manufactured?

Farmassist products are all manufactured in New Zealand.

How is the Farmassist Antibacterial Healing spray to be applied?

For all skin infections spray directly on affected area as an antiseptic (wet or dry skin) while condition persists. For mud-fever & rain scald remove scabs as much as possible and spray 2-3 times per week on affected areas. Preventing mud-fever spray 1-3 times weekly depending on weather.

How is the Farmassist wash to be applied?

Mix 60mls (2 tablespoons) to every 2L of water.

For disinfecting stables & animal housing areas: Apply with a brush, cloth, sponge, broom or mop until thoroughly wet, leave for 10 minutes and depending on your preference leave on or rinse off.

Sterilisation of inanimate objects: Soak items for minimum of 10 minutes.

Disinfecting laundry: Select a full-load cycle and add to machine with normal laundry detergent [(top loader 120mls; front loader 60mls)].

Animal use:

  • For all skin infections, wash infected area thoroughly before applying. Repeat application 2-3 times per week while condition persists. Do not rinse off.
  • For mud-fever or rain scald, remove scabs as much as possible and saturate. Do not rinse off.
  • Preventing mud-fever, spray 1-3 times weekly depending on weather. Spray daily when raining.
  • After clipping, wash down all areas to prevent bacteria infection that leads to hair loss. Do not rinse off.
  • For animals pre-disposed to skin issues causing scabs & irritated skin, use to heal & as a preventative by rinsing after heavy exercise or shampooing.

Can Farmassist products be applied to an animal too often?

No. However the products have residual properties that inhibit growth of microbes after application, which can track the skin for up to 7 days depending on external environmental conditions. This means that it is not necessary to apply them more often than the label directions specify.

What can Farmassist products be used for?  

  • An easy disinfectant for maintaining and protecting any healthy stable environment
  • Everyday skin conditions such as mud-fever and rain-scald
  • Other skin conditions causing hair loss in animals including Sweet Itch (also known as Taupo Itch, Queensland Itch or Summer Itch)
  • Appropriate for use on the mane, tail and head or sites prone to rubbing, stopping bacteria from entering the skin and prolonging hair growth

How must Farmassist products be stored?

Store below 30 degrees celsius and out of the reach of children.

What if I use Farmassist and the conditions remain?

Firstly check that you have followed the label directions and talk to one of our Farmassist Health team.  If the condition persists you may be recommended to consult your veterinarian.

Is Farmassist safe?

We are proud to say that yes, it is safe. It is non-toxic for humans and animals, will not harm or rust equipment and is environmentally friendly too. With repeated administration it is advised to wear surgical gloves.

Will the use of Farmassist affect competing at events?

No it won’t. All Farmassist products are free from any competition-banned substances and come with a dope-free guarantee.