“Stopping the spread of bacteria and diseases between horses is almost an impossibility in the equine dentistry industry, however since using a Chlorhexidine based product on my tools I can rest assured that this will not happen. The Farmassist Wash is brilliant, it doesn’t rust any stainless steel tools and metal equipment, no ugly staining from the product, doesn’t require rinsing, smells great. I definitely recommend all equine dentists, veterinarians and my equine owner clients to have some on their shelves, in their tack room and in their trucks.”

Warwick Behrns – New Zealand Equine Dentistry

“Farmassist Wash & Healing Spray is that I can use one product for many kinds of treatments. It gets used for everything from washing covers/ saddle blankets, brushes etc including the kids on cuts and scrapes! Our pony had very itchy dry skin but a couple of washes with the animal wash and we have a much happier pony … no more itching and has left her coat/skin soft and healthy. And our big grey boy suffers from fly bites on his legs, the healing spray soothes and heals scabs in no time.
Highly recommended, this is definitely my go to from now on.”

Tiffany Murray – P&T Equine

“I would like to thank the Farmassist team for providing an amazing product which I now use for absolutely everything and it is a must in my tack room!
I totally recommend this product to others as I have seen the results and I do truly believe it works.”

Lucy Dadnall

“Because of the soil type in Taupo we have a skin condition called “taupo itch” which horses suffer from in the hotter months. It’s a skin rash which produces itchy scabs. Couldn’t believe when we used Farmassist just how quickly it cleared it up. Almost immediately after washing the affected horse it seemed more comfortable and within a few days the scabs had fallen off and there was new hair growth. Amazing product AAA+”.

Lisa Wilson – Taupo NZ

“I have used this product for a few different conditions, it’s great as a rinse post clipping a horse to prevent clipper rash, and as a spray to prevent minor skin irritations/bacteria. I used it as a rinse and a spray on a horse with a skin infection, it was cleared up in literally 3 days. Have never had a product work so rapidly as Farmassist. Wouldn’t be without a bottle of it in our wash bay now”.

Ben Thomson – Top Class Equestrian – Cambridge NZ

“Since first trying Farmassist a year ago, it has become the one product I can’t be without.  From mud fever and minor skin conditions on the ponies to cuts and scrapes or a sore toenail on the kids.  No sting, goes on like water – amazing results!”

Liz Beckett – Matakana NZ

“Fabulous products! Worked a treat on Jacks mudfever, nearly completely cleared in less than a week. I told my vet all about it as I have really struggled clearing his mud fever with 4 white stockings and living in Auckland mud! Will be back for more”

Holly Thompson