Dermatophilus Congolensis (Rainscald/Mudfever) Testimonial


Dermatophilus Congolensis (Rainscald/Mudfever) Testimonial

I began using Farmassist products after I brought a young horse who came with horrendous rain scald to the point that her face and ears were completely covered in scabs as well as her back legs, everything that I was trying was failing. I knew I needed to find something that was going to kill this growing bacteria. This is when I tried Farmassist!

The results began happening almost immediately, I washed her down after each ride and sprayed her before. The scabs began to fall and the hair began to grow back!

It took 18 days from when I started Farmassist to the day she looked like a normal horse again with no scabs and a full coat of hair.

I believe since clearing the rain scald and cleaning the skin my girls coat has grown back with a super shine to it and she truly looks amazing! I would like to thank the Farmassist team for providing an amazing product which I now use for absolutely everything and it is a must in my tack room!

I totally recommend this product to others as I have seen the results and know Farmassist works.

Lucy Dagnall – Cambridge


Day 1



Day 18



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